Mang(a)ani = The Tribe of Apes that raised Tarzan

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Don’t Come After Me

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Jenna was just a newborn when her mother left her to die in a frozen forest. 17 years later Jenna tracks her mother down and invades her new family disguised as a babysitter.

Written by Antti Karumo
Based on a novel by Nina Honkanen
Directed by
AJ Annila (Jade Warrior, Sauna)
Produced by
AJ Annila & Gudrun Giddings (Flypaper, Thale, Banshee Chapter)
Executive producer
Tero Kaukomaa (Dancer in the Dark, Iron Sky, Everlasting Moments)

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About Mangaani

A production company where writers and directors rule.

Mangaani was formed in 2012 by director-writer AJ ANNILA (Jade Warrior, Sauna) to develop and produce brave and unique writer/director-driven genre-films for international audiences.

AJ Annila Reel
Jade Warrior Trailer
Sauna Trailer

Mangaani is based in Helsinki, Finland.


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